I have a new appreciation for actors!

Well, the COVID-19 situation was an interesting spin on the delivery of education. For a short time in W.A. anyway. We are open to students to attend now, however there are no requirements as to whether you home school or attend. For the short time when schools were encouraged to remain open only for “essential workers” we moved into an online delivery mode.

This tested our ICT skills in many areas. Our Year One teacher team created many YouTube videos, learned how to upload them, saved them safe links and provided links to parents. I also discovered that PowerPoints could not be uploaded (even though I spent many a lesson voice recording everything). I then had to hold an IPad to re-record the PowerPoint with my voice over and upload that video as a YouTube video! So, it was a lot of trial and error. We did not do online video link up lessons with our students however, we were prepared to move in that direction if we needed to.

I’ve never video recorded myself for a great amount of time before. I did video a few lessons when I was doing my Teacher Level 3 portfolio but decided not to send them in and include them as I was never happy enough with them!

What did I discover? Am I a future YouTube star? Ha ha ha (insert fake, crazed laugh) ……. I saw myself in a whole new light. You hear your voice and wonder if that’s what you really sound like to everyone else or is it just a recording “glitch.” If you don’t like what you hear, you wonder if you sound really annoying to everyone. You can hear any slight trepidation, uncertainties and areas of confidence in your voice.

Then there’s the whole physical dimension. You really “see” yourself. Well, I saw myself without special lighting, make-up or filters. So, I guess it’s not like what the movie stars would have access too. That sounds like a good excuse huh! Making a video for students doesn’t really require you to look like a Hollywood starlet. But then, you critique yourself. Do I really look like that? I even saw my nose in a new light! I’ve never really noticed the shape of my nose until that camera angle was looking half way up my nose. It’s not necessarily bad, and not big, but “there.” Then there’s the way my face moves when I talk…… I also discovered that my face shows a lot of emotion and then other times I hardly smile on the outside when I’m actually feeling happy.

It’s a self-reflection process that has been really interesting and I would never have obviously done before this whole on-line learning process. I definitely need to smile more!

So, now I have an entirely new appreciation for actors. They really put themselves out there and are at everyone’s mercy for kindness. All they are really trying to do is tell a story (that they didn’t usually write). These actors and T.V. presenters do a really good job for us. I guess that’s why I’m a teacher and not an actor. It’s harder than it looks.

You might be wondering what I did after viewing all of these videos created for my students? Yep, you guessed correctly……. Of course, I did it. I went straight to the shops and purchased some serious anti-age, anti-dark circle and “perfecting” skin care products! How vain you may say! Probably, but it’s not really everything to me at all and I truly appreciate being healthy right now. Just a bit of a laugh and if I manage to wipe off a few years, then great. If not, my students will just have to be happy with a face that looks lived and experienced. I’ll let you know if they work.

Take care,


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