I have a new appreciation for actors!

Well, the COVID-19 situation was an interesting spin on the delivery of education. For a short time in W.A. anyway. We are open to students to attend now, however there are no requirements as to whether you home school or attend. For the short time when schools were encouraged to remain open only for “essentialContinue reading “I have a new appreciation for actors!”

COVID-19 Story #2

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote the article about “It’s only two weeks” isolation if you actually have the COVID-19. Being in Western Australia, I think we’ve had the privilege of being isolated, until now. Now the stories that we have heard about and seemed so distant are starting to wash up onContinue reading “COVID-19 Story #2”

Bouncing or flat?

Kids and bouncing back! Are your students like basket balls? Do they bounce? “Bouncing back” is a buzz word in the current growth mindset pitch. I think at the heart of your ability to “bounce back” is your ability to be resilient. To be resilient though, you need a strong “core.” Just like strengthening yourContinue reading “Bouncing or flat?”